Senior Project Manager Benny Vargas from SWCA reported that in 2014, the paleontological monitor at the University Hills Area 10-2 grading operation discovered bird feather fossils, which are an extremely rare and important scientific find.

Of the 50 rock deposits in the entire world that have produced feather fossils, only 10 sites are from the United States. The Area 10-2 fossils were found in a geologic layer called the Topanga Formation, a Southern California geological feature created by ancient shallow seas.  Feather fossils have never been found in this geologic feature.  Most feather fossils findings are from lake environments while The Area 10-2 findings are from shallow marine deposits, which mean their preservation is extremely rare.

Eventually, the SWCA Paleontologist would like to write a small journal article, in a publication such as the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.  You can see a photo of the feather fossil by clicking here.