In early 2020, ICHA and the Homeowners Representative Board (HRB) met with the UCI Police Department and residents on Turing Street to discuss unsafe driving and safety. Neighbors voiced concerns about cars speeding in areas with pedestrians, cyclists, and in particular, children at play. Since that time, ICHA and the HRB Transportation Committee, in collaboration with UCI PD and residents, have been working to understand the issue and analyze potential solutions. On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, ICHA Manager of Planning & Construction Bryce Bunker presented the findings of a traffic study of Area 11 performed by traffic engineering consultant KOA. Area 11 residents were invited to attend the presentation, which was followed by a questions and answers session. (The February 3 presentation, along with the Traffic Study, are available by clicking on the buttons at right).

Residents who attended the February 3 meeting expressed a strong interest in installing speed cushions on Coltrane Court, Angelou, Graham, Ride, Truth and Turing streets. The traffic engineering consultant who authored the study recommended gathering supporting votes from at least 67% of the households on each street as the minimum criteria needed to install speed cushions on the respective streets. Every household (for-sale homes only) in Area 11 was invited to participate in the poll via email and results were communicated in May. Residents of Turing and Coltrane gained support from at least 67% of the households on their respective streets to move forward with the installation of speed cushions.

Speed cushions have been installed on those streets, and reports of vehicles speeding have declined. Thank you to the residents who participated in the process to improve safety in University Hills. 

Area 11 Traffic Calming Communications

9/13/2021: Area 11 Roadway Safety Update

5/21/2021:  Speed cushion poll results shared with Area 11 residents

5/12/2021:  Speed cushion polls close

4/28/2021:  Follow-up speed cushion poll sent to all Area 11 households (for-sale homes)

4/16/2021:  Speed cushion poll results shared with Area 11 residents

4/6/2021:   Speed cushion polls close

3/23/2021:  Follow-up speed cushion poll sent to all Area 11 households (for-sale homes)

2/16/2021:  Traffic study presentation — follow up communication

2/3/2021:   Area 11 traffic study presentation (click button at right to view)

1/28/2021:  Area 11 Traffic Study Presentation and Q&A invitation

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