Latest Updates

  • Construction of the Area 12 Townhomes is underway. The builder, California Pacific Homes, is currently mobilizing grading equipment and performing sidewalk demolition within the site fencing. Grading and retaining wall operations are scheduled to begin Monday, March 11 and continue through mid-May. Pedestrians are advised to travel on the opposite side of Los Trancos Drive during this time. The grading work includes the salvage and relocation of three Ginkgo Biloba trees and two Conifer trees to Vista Bonita Park.
  • November 30, 2023 Area 12-1 Update & Q&A Community Meeting (CC transcript here)
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Project Description

The townhome redesign for the east side development of University Hills Area 12 was approved by the UC Regents on May 17, 2023. The project will consist of up to 104 for-sale townhomes, located on the east side of Los Trancos Drive. The construction replaces the Las Lomas Apartment buildings currently occupying that location. Demolition of the eastside Las Lomas Apartments is nearing completion, with construction of the new homes scheduled to begin in early 2024. Details regarding eligibility for and timing of new home drawings are still to be determined. ICHA will keep the community informed.

The westside Las Lomas Apartments will not be demolished at this time.

The proposed land planning and design are consistent with the campus Physical Design Framework and existing neighborhoods in the local Irvine area. Additionally, the proposed project will comply with the green building requirements of the current California Building Code, which emphasizes the State of California’s continued leadership on the environment and green building through policy implementation. ICHA aspires to build a home that can earn a minimum of a “silver rating” under the Green Point Rated certification process.

Area 12-1 will provide additional for-sale housing to meet the needs of the campus to continue to recruit highly-qualified faculty and academic staff. As the university has continued to grow and enjoy greater prestige, and as the cost of market-rate housing continues to climb, the demand for university housing has increased, especially the demand for for-sale housing. Producing and managing that housing in support of the campus is the mission that the Irvine Campus Housing Authority (ICHA) was founded to fulfill. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve UCI and its faculty, staff and all University Hills residents.

CONTACT: Mike Cannan, Director of Planning & Construction, ICHA
(949) 824-6456


Project Description

ICHA is excited to introduce the Los Trancos Pool & Park Renewal concept. The Los Trancos pool and park area reimagined will invite more opportunity for recreation, social interaction and community building in a beautifully-landscaped setting.

The renewal project will:

  • Update pool area (plaster, decking, coping, fencing, etc.)
  • Renovate pool bathroom facilities
  • Redesign the park area, increasing circulation and adding community gathering spaces

In 2021, ICHA and the HRB invited residents to submit ideas for potential recreation amenities for the Los Trancos Park redesign. Part II of the survey asked residents to indicate the desirability of the suggested amenities (over 500 responses collected). The goal of the survey was to measure the intensity of attitudes (positive and negative) toward the potential amenities. All amenities scoring below a 2.5 weighted average (1 is the highest score; 4 is the lowest score) are considered in future planning. Click here for survey results.

Next Steps for the Park Redesign:

  • The HRB will appoint a member to work directly with the ICHA Planning & Construction team to develop a concrete plan for the redesign.
  • The HRB and ICHA will work together to refine the plan based on feasibility. The goal is to implement as many of the desired amenities as possible, as was done in the Area 11 parks.

Once completed, specific site plans will be shared with the entire community. We are anticipating the planning period to last 6 months at minimum. The timeline is subject to change depending on the outcome of the Area 12 proposal. Thank you for participating!