Unfurnished Apartment Eligibility Requirements and Assignment Priorities

Full time UCI personnel are eligible for unfurnished apartments in the following order of priority:

  1. Newly recruited members of the Academic Senate and the Senior Management Group.*
  2. Current members of the Academic Senate and the Senior Management Group.
  3. Newly recruited members of the University’s non-Senate Academic Staff and newly recruited members of the Management and Senior Professional group. (Examples of academic staff include visiting, clinical and adjunct professors, lecturers, project scientists, post-doctoral and professional researchers, specialists and librarians.)*
  4. Current Academic Staff and Management and Senior Professional group members.
  5. Other University Staff members.

* Newly recruited status extends for a period of one year following date of hire, after which the employee moves to the corresponding current category. However, if an apartment has not been offered within the first year, then newly recruited standing is extended until an offer is made, but only up to a maximum total of two years.

There are limits on the residency periods in Gabrielino, Santiago, Alturas and Miramonte Communities. Faculty, Academic and University Staff are eligible for stays up to five years in duration.

Loss of eligibility because of termination of employment with UC Irvine or separation from or death of an eligible person will require vacating the Gabrielino, Santiago, Alturas and Miramonte Communities within a given period of time. Complete information on loss of eligibility can be obtained upon request from the ICHA Rental Office, 1083 California Avenue, Irvine, California 92617, telephone (949) 824-6254. rentalhousing@icha.uci.edu.

Priority Categories and Rental Process