The University Hills Transportation Task Force (UHTTF), a group of resident volunteers led by former HRB Chairman Steve Cauffman, was assembled in 2016 to coordinate resident input in determining the infrastructure changes necessary to improve the flow of traffic and the safety of pedestrians, bike riders and drivers in University Hills.

The task force brought in Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Pirzadeh & Associates, Inc. to analyze University Hills’ transportation systems and make recommendations for improvements.

Completed in September, the Transportation Study makes recommendations in four distinct categories:

  • ENGINEERING designs roadway infrastructure to prevent or reduce collisions. (36 recommendations)
  • EDUCATION informs and reminds people about the rules of the road. (8 recommendations)
  • ENFORCEMENT of traffic laws and a visible police presence may deter motorists from unsafe driving behavior. (8 recommendations)
  • EVALUATION measures the effectiveness of engineering, education and enforcement in improving the flow of transportation and reducing collisions and accidents. (2 recommendations)

Work has begun on recommendations in each of the four E categories. A more detailed snapshot of progress on the recommendations will appear in upcoming publications.

A key concern that emerged from the Transportation Study was the failure of cars and bikes to stop at stop signs. Following stop signs and other traffic rules will be the main theme of an ongoing educational campaign that aims to encourage residents to practice safe driving, biking and walking. Click on the transportation modes below for more information about how to walk, bike and drive safely.